Friday, April 27, 2012

Mensusa- Tips to Pull Off a Seersucker Suit

Mensusa- Tips to Pull Off a Seersucker Suit

Some men find it difficult when it comes to pulling off a seersucker suit. Mensusa seersucker suits are made of a light wrinkled fabric, usually cotton, with striped pattern, intermittent between white and another color. If you wish to wear this suit without appearing like a total nerd, there are ways to do it. Opt for a color that won't make everyone stop, look at you, and put on a pair of sunglasses. Men's seersucker suits come in a range of colors striped with white such as red, peach, aqua, and pink. Choose these colors only if you have a deep desire to attract attention, regardless of kind. The best colors are blue and white, cream, gray and white, or brown and white. Choose a shirt that goes well with the suit. White shirt or a light shirt that matches the suit will be the best option. Avoid shirts having any pattern as they will clash with the already banded pattern on the suit. Please don't even think of wearing a polka dotted shirt with seersucker suit. Instead of a shirt with wide collar- which will make you look as if you stepped out of the 70s, conservative collar is a best option. As a shirt with a wide collar will make you look like you stepped out of the 70s, shirt with conservative collar is best. Prefer a tie that hasn't too much of patterns as overly-busy patterns will clash. Opt for tie with solids or conservative pattern. Though bow ties are fine too, a regular necktie is best if you desire to avoid the nerdy look. Put on a plain brown leather belt instead of that thick white one you were thinking of. Any shoes ranging from brown brogues for a fancier occasion to white or brown bucks would be suitable with this suit. If you are wearing your seersucker jacket with jeans for casual events, then you could even put on tennis shoes. Men's seersucker suits are suitable to wear for any non-black tie function during the hot summer months. Some seersucker suits can be washed in the washing machine. Always allow the suit to drip dry to avoid decrease. Touch up lightly with an iron. Keep in mind that the seersucker suit is intended to be a little wrinkled. You can mix up this mens suit and wear the jacket with jeans or slacks. The pants can be worn with a jean jacket.

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